Java/J2ee Training

Java/J2ee is a programming language originally developed by Sun Microsystems and released in 1995 as a core component of Sun Microsystems' Java/J2ee platform. The language derives much of its in the form of syntax from C and C++ but has a simpler object model and fewer low-level facilities. Java/J2ee is a software technology that runs everywhere - in over 5 billion devices, data centers, mobile phones, cars. And, it powers the coolest mobile and desktop games, the largest online auction site in the world (eBay), interactive mobile applications like Google Maps in Mobile, and more.

Why Java?

The primary implementation of Java platform is available as an Open Source implementation called Open JDK. While "Java" is an Oracle trademark, and only Oracle can license the name "Java", Java is the foundation for virtually every type of networked application and is the global standard for developing and delivering the enterprise software, the web-based content, mobile applications and games. Java enjoys a large ecosystem with strong tools support. Java delivers portability, application and robust performance across many computing environments.

Java Advantage :

Java has gained enormous popularity since its first appeared in market. Its rapid ascension and wide acceptance can be traced to its design and programming features, particularly that you can write a program once, and runs it anywhere. Java was chosen as the programming language for network computers (NC) and has been perceived as a universal front end for the enterprise database. "Java is object-oriented, simple, distributed, interpreted, secure, architecture, portable, dynamic and multi-threaded."


Who Can Undergo JAVA/J2EE Training?


Java Technology Advantage:

→ Java is Open Source.

→ It is Fast, Stable and Secure.

→ Java supports many databases (MySQL, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, Solid,SQL Generic ODBC, etc.)

→ Java runs on different platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.)

→ Java is compatible with almost all servers used today (Apache, IIS, etc.)

→ It is very easy to learn because PHP is based on C++ language and the syntax used in Java is quite similar to C/C++.

→ It is free to download and use.

Why Java From Cegonsoft?

→ Current Up-to-date Industry Curriculum

→ It is Fast, Stable and Secure.

→ Syllabus designed based on industry requirement and in consultation with clients’ requirement.

→ IT Training coupled with Rs. 5000/- + worth free communication, aptitude and soft skill classes.

→ With huge market experience Cegonsoft helps to bridge the resource quality gap (RQG) between Demand and supply.

→ In line with industry expectation our training is balanced with 60% Practical & 40% Theoretical Sessions.

→ Exposure to Job Oriented Projects for every student which gives additional booster to their technical knowledge.