With a rich industry experience spanning over 8+ years Cegonsoft understands that while Technical knowhow is of utmost importance, in any Software /IT Company, but it is only “One side of the Coin”. Our Program primarily focus on developing people skills and behavioral and inter personal aspects for any role in an organization

Our Basic Soft Skill Training Programs Addressed The Following Aspects:

→ Corporate Etiquette.

→ Communication Skills.

→ Behavioral Skills.

→ Building a leader in you.

→ Interview skills.

→ Personal Grooming.

→ Body language and inter-personal skills.

→ Time management.

→ Discipline.

→ Presentation Skills.

→ Public Addressing.

→ Team Building Skills.

→ Working in a Team.

→ Aptitude Enhancement.

An Advance Training In The Areas Of Soft Skills Include The Following:

→ Customer Service.

→ Positive mental attitude.

→ Effective listening.

→ Decision Making Skills.

→ Negotiation Skills.

→ Conflict Management.

→ Crisis Management.

→ Creativity and Problem Solving Skills..