WEB 2.0 Training

Web 2.0 is commonly associated with Web Applications that facilitate interactive information, sharing, user centered design on the World Wide.Web 2.0 provides a very cheap and effective way of advertising and expressing yourself and your work to the world. Designing a website won’t take as much effort or stress as programming a desktop applications. The languages used to program the websites are very simple to learn.

Why Web 2.0?

Web Designing is one of the most producing a great deal of profit for industries of 21st century. It enables people with no specialized knowledge to create their own websites, to self- publish, create and upload video files and audio files and, share the photos and information and completes a variety of other tasks.

Over the past three years, Web 2.0 gained prominence , many companies globally gained measurable business benefits, includes more innovative products and services and more effective marketing, lower cost of doing business, and high revenues in business.

WEB 2.0 Advantage:

→ WEB 2.0 is a resurgence in the web economy. It’s a new level of technological interactivity between web sites and services. A social phenomena deriving from new types of online communities and social networks.

→ Freelance web developers are the leading a forms of internet entertainments and business. Freelance web developers need not to know how to use coding languages.

WEB 2.0 Technology Advantage:

→ Job Opportunities is more in the market as demand is more and supply is less.

→ Web 2.0 is completely related to designing.

→ Learning web 2.0 is very easy as it does not require any coding or programming languages.

→ Web 2.0 is completely related to creative jobs.

→ Learning web 2.0 can also work as a free lancer.